AR15 M16 Parts

 DS Arms has been a manufacturer of the AR15 M4 M16 Type rifle for over 15 years.  We manufacture and produce nearly 80% of the components for the AR15 M4 M16 Type rifles in house or in conjunction with our local partners.  Any parts and components that DS Arms does not produce are sourced from known Industry Leaders.  DS Arms has manufactured AR15 M4 M16 parts, components and complete firearms for both United States and foreign militaries and law enforcement agencies.  In addition to Mil. Standard parts, components and firearms for the AR15 M4 M16 Type rifle DS Arms also manufactures our WarZ Series of upgrades.  These WarZ Series upgrades for the AR15 M4 M16 Type rifle include our enhanced complete bolt carrier groups, trigger guard, bolt carrier catch, flash hiders and charging handles.  DS Arms is also proud to produce our HGTi – High Grade Titanium parts and components for the AR15 M4 M16 Type rifle, we offer the following parts machined from Grade 5 Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) to Mil. Standards; buffer tube lock ring / castle nut, hammer trigger axis pins, pivot & takedown pins, pistol grip screw, MK12 Spec. low profile gas block and flash hiders.  No matter what your AR15 M4 M16 project needs are DS Arms has the quality parts, components and firearms that you can depend on.

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