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DSA FAL Israeli Length Stainless Steel Gas Piston
Item #: 019IS
Price: $39.95
FAL (Israeli)  Mertic Long gas tube/cylinder, threaded
Retaining Pin not Included
Item #: 017IS
Price: $20.00
FAL (Israeli) & Belgian type wood stock front support ferrule cap
Item #: 090ISCAP
Price: $10.00
FAL (Israeli) front sight spring / lock, fits also Argentine open ear gas block.
Item #: 011IS
Price: $2.00
FAL (Israeli) handguard rear assembly cap, new, Israeli heavy barrel
Item #: 023IS
Price: $15.00
FAL (Israeli) heavy barrel, replacement wood for Israeli handguards (8 Screws Incl)
Item #: 021ISAW
Price: $15.00
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FAL (Israeli) light barrel and original Belgian wood buttstock, new steel buttplate
Item #: 100G1
Price: $20.00
FAL (Israeli) light barrel gas block front sight housing.
Item #: 672IS
Price: $79.95
FAL (Israeli) rear sling swivel assembly with screws, for Israeli type wood stock only, new
Item #: 045IS-A
Price: $15.00
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FAL Israeli Pattern Heavy Barrel Carry Handle - Good To Very Good Condition
Item #: 113IS-A
Price: $14.95
FAL Open ear front sight tool, Israeli/Argentine;Square Type
Item #: 640B
Price: $6.00
Gas plug Short Israeli FAL,Push button release
Item #: 009IS-A
Price: $20.00
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