From: Roy S.

Dear Sir,

I recently took possession of the SA58 special build rifle your company has made for me and would like to share my thoughts.

Firstly may I say that this rifle was every bit a dream rifle for me, with every piece of the rifle being built to my specific requirements was a tall order but one in which your company excelled. Tyler worked with me every step of the way to produced precisely what I wanted, someone should give this guy a raise, he was always professional and nothing was too much trouble, a true gentleman to work with and a credit to your company.

To say I am thrilled with the rifle is an understatement. The quality of fit and finish is outstanding. The rifle has thus fare worked flawlessly and is a joy to shoot. It is worth mentioned that the S.P.R. stock I had you fit was a perfect addition and was certainly worth the extra cost. I had very specific requirements regarding the Duracote finish which your staff carried out to the letter, finishing off what is without a doubt a superb firearm. My sincere gratitude to your company and all of the staff that made my dream rifle a reality.

Sincerely yours

Roy S.


I wish to thank all at DSA who have been assisting me over a period of years with my FAL projects. From the excellence of the products, customer service, and especially the gunsmithing, a hearty well done. I will not buy a new receiver, or barrel elsewhere, due to the craftsmanship, and quality. No finer FAL can be turned out stateside than that of DSA's. And this opinion comes from one whose duties in the Army included being a unit armourer.

Thank You, Albert

From: Michael B.


I called DSA looking for an STG58 18". I was looking to fulfill an order quickly. I spoke with Trey and he COULD NOT have been MORE HELPFUL. I wanted one fast, but they take several weeks to build. Trey found one in stock somehow, shipped it to my FFL in 2 days. The rifle is perfectly built and has the smoothest action of any FAL I have handled. I was blown away at the help and support I received from DSA and will be doing more business with you in the future. Thank you for a supreme experience buying an FAL.

From: Chris N.


Just received my DSA Carbine 16.25" Type 1 No Carry Handle....beyond happy!I also purchased a separate DSA folding stock and bolt assembly with scopemount and brass saver. The rifle was purchased through Guns Plus in SpringLake North Carolina. This rifle is so light and agile. Amazing!I have an original Belgian FAL from the very early 1980's. I cannot praise the feel and quality of your firearm enough.

DSA has made the best rifle "better"!


Douglas K.

Got 3 rifles yesterday. The ELITE is a very nice set up, very small feeling. My FAL with the NP3 is amazing. I love the feel of the X-stock, I like the OD accessories, so far I really like the A2 lower, the 18 inch barrel is just right for me and that phantom flash hider is cool. Now for the amazing part...that NP3 coating makes all of the parts appear a cool gray color, which I like. Most important is the feel of the rifle...the action is so much smoother than normal. It is also so much easier to break open. Many of your rifles are made with such tight tolerances that they are difficult to break open to clean until broken in. This one is ssssslick. I am going to the range Saturday where they have steel targets set up at 100, 200, 300 and 400 yards. I'll break it in and then give you a report back. I am VERY happy thus far

Thanks Nicole!!

Douglas K.

From: Cameron N.

Dear Sir:
I just got back after firing another couple of hundred rounds through my new SA58 Para and I am happy to report that the hardware works perfectly.
I bought the rifle with these options:
- (SA58TACP) SA58 FAL PARA Tactical Carbine
- 16.25” Fluted Medium Contour Barrel with Threaded A2 Flashider
- Shortened Gas System w/ Short Military Grade Handguard
- FAL A2 Hampton Lower With Integral M16A2 Sight System
- SA58/ FAL LOP Side Folding 5 Position Adjustable SOCOM Stock
- SAW pistol grip.

Last week I broke in the barrel exactly as recommended on your web site, and then quickly got an easy 25 yard zero. Then it was just a matter of tweaking the gas system for positive ejection. I am happy to say I waltzed over to the 100 yard line and couldn’t stop grinning as I plugged the black, round after round. I love the Hampton Lower with the A2 rear sight it works great with 7.62 NATO. This rifle is extremely well made and this would have to be the best FN FAL pattern rifle I have ever seen. My experience, as a New Zealander, (I shot my first L1A1 in my early teens) was mainly with the Australian produced L1A1s, but I have seen many FAL’s from many other manufacturers as well.

In my experience there have never been FAL patterned rifles made with the extremely high quality of a DSA produced rifle. I am 100% satisfied with my new Tactical Carbine, thank you for making a quality product, and thank you for offering such intelligently designed options such as the Hampton lower and LOP SOCOM stock.


Cameron L.

From: Dean K.
To whom it may concern,
This afternoon I placed an order for a STG58cp, aimpoint and accessories.

I have to say that it was an absolute pleasure speaking with Nicole. I have to admit I was taken back at asking a woman guns questions, but she surprised me with her vast array of knowledge. She helped me more than I could have imagined and I just wanted to let your company know what a great asset she is to you. I truly hope in 6-8 weeks when my rifle arrives I am as pleased with it as I am with your service.

Thanks in advance,

Dean K.

From: Bob S.

To whom it may concern,

I recently purchased a DSA Model 58, SS/Fluted, etc.,(Special Edition) and have found no other equal. It is superbly designed and constructed and its accuracy is excellent also. I hold the M1-Garand///M-14, M1A1 in highest regard but this weapon surpasses them.

I work in the private security sector, recently deployed to the Southern states after Hurricane Katrina, Rita, etc., and found your weapon design and performance superior to all others in the field. It field strips easily, allowing for thorough cleaning and maintenance.

Thank you for your attention to detail and in the manufacture of such a well thought out rifle. I am sure I am only one in the myriad of those owners/users who praise your rifle.

Sincerely Most Pleased,

Bob S.

From: Timothy A.

Dear DS Arms,

I've finally received my ATF license on the SA58OSW that yall made for me last year (DS2XXXX) and I've put about 300 rounds through it. The rifle is the most accurate one I have ever shot. Recoil on the .308 is minimal and the lack of blot movement allows multiple rapid rounds with nominal delay or correction. I want to thank yall for such a fine rifle and I want to express how much I appreciate it. There is no doubt that it is the finest weapon I will ever own.

Tim A.

From: Susan R.

Dear Sirs,Mrs,

I received my new G1 rifle,I just want to say "job well done"! Very nice rifle and great service. Thank you very much, I am defiantly a repeat customer. I also want to know about the tool kit I ordered, will it come to my home address or my FFL? Thank you again.


Susan R.

From: Albert S.

I have been a loyal customer of DSA for some years, and during that time I have had nine FAL's built. The skill and craftsmanship of Billy and Glen were beyond reproach, and far exceeded any expectations. Customer service from Mike, and Russ have always been spot on, and never left wanting. I would not have sent my FAL kits, or purchased the barrels, or uppers anywhere else. I have never seen work to match that done by the skilled, caring hands of Billy. If I have been, to due to my patronage, called a member of the DSA family, then I am happy to acknowledge that fact.

Former Sergeant US Army Albert S.

From: Peter K.

DS Arms products are head and shoulder above its competition in quality and pricing. I am a long time customer, and when it comes to the FAL rifles and related products, e.g., receivers, magazines, and the rest, I simply was unable to find anybody else who can match that which comes from DS Arms factory and its subsidiaries.

Customer Service and its staff is growing in responsiveness and proper courtesy and etiquette towards customers. Somebody is apparently teaching the staff there the critical and fundamental basics of customer relations. I am very pleased of all the improvements.....DS Arms, we will be together with you for years to come. David, I love you, Baby.

From: Joe M.

I just received my SA58 FAL extreme duty scope mount. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to scope a FAL. It's a high quality product and super easy to install. I have tested this scope mount and it's does an outstanding job. The mounting system and scope stayed tight even during rapid fire under heavy recoil. Thanks for the great technical service.